Changes of Costa Rica

Today in Costa Rica, we did a lot of traveling, about eight hours of, to be frank. We woke up at 4 a.m., leaving the tropical coast of Limon and headed for the cooler, much cooler, Central Valley. We stopped at Hogar Escuela and went on a tour, seeing the workings of the Escuela and having lunch. We had been practicing a couple of songs all week in order to sing them for the children. We even sang a kind of call and response song with them thanks to Padre Greg.

After lunch, we met up with the other mission group in Costa Rica, a group from St. Marks and Holy Spirit. We also traded guides, we gave them Allie to go back to the Diocesan House and rest, and we got Steven Bermudez, a former Cathedral youth, to go on the excursion with us to the Poas Volcano. We had a wonderful time recounting and laughing at all the stories and fun times that we have had throughout the week. Steven also got to tell us about how his internship with the Diocese of Costa Rica has been going.

In the mountains of Costa Rica, even in June, it gets cold. Jeremy told us to pack a jacket because it would get chilly, but even as I sit here, inside, typing this up, I am wearing two jackets. When we got off the bus at the meeting place where we met up with the other group, I think that we were all surprised to find that we could see our breaths. I am very glad that I listened to Jeremy and made the last-minute decision to grab a hoodie off the coat rack.

The wonderful thing about the mountains is that the views are absolutely stunning. At the close of the day, my roommates all turned off our lights and went down to a room with a view. Even after coming here for three years and having similar views from restaurants or just from the bus, the views never get old. To watch the city just light up as the sun went down was amazing, I just hope that there will be a photo to accompany this post so you might see what we all saw. I believe that my roommates and myself were definitely brought together through the experience and I think we all saw God in just the expanse of community both within the roommates and in the city before us.

Pura Vida Y’all,
Paul Goza

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