Meeting My New Family in Costa Rica

I woke up to the banging of the door as Jeremy woke us up. I was still tired but excited to get to work. As we walked out of the room, I could see plenty of other people interacting with each other, as compared to only a night before where everyone stuck to the people they knew from home. On the bus ride through Limon, the different groups were definitely closer together talking about whatever came to mind. Arriving at Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana San Jose Obrero, we knew what to do already and immediately got to work. We took out another wall to make a doorway and began chiseling the tiles off the wall. Outside we had to take the trash from all the work and load it into a garbage truck. When lunchtime came, we were all exhausted but knew the work we had done was for a good cause.

The locals have treated us so kindly throughout this trip so far. They serve us with excellent food and always have smiles on their faces. I’m greatly humbled to see these people who despite having less, make more out of life. They all genuinely love Jesus, and we could all see how he works with them and in them. Whenever we needed something, they would be quick and kind to help. They bring us into their lives as if we were family. I hope to learn more from these great people of Costa Rica in the days to come.

So far, I have clearly seen Gods work in play. He has brought us all together to form bonds of friendship and love. Whenever we need help on the worksite, whether someone needs a break or is asking for help with something these great missioners are quick to act. These bonds will only strengthen as this journey moves on, and I pray to God for the best.

– Vaughn Krinhop

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