The Impact of Coming Together

Today we started our work at Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana San Jose Obrero, a local church and English school in Limon, Costa Rica. We are working to create a new Diocesan center for missioners to have a place to stay. We started the day by taking down walls, cabinets, and counters so that there is room to rebuild a bigger and better kitchen to provide meals for the missioners and people of the church. It’s so heart-warming to see the impact that we are making on the community here. Even though we are here for just a week and will only be making a small dent in the needed task, the work we are doing is the start of something great that will impact the community in Limon for years to come. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to give back and help others, it brings me so much joy.

I know that the Lord is with us every step of the way. I’ve seen Jesus in our work and encounters with various people throughout this trip already, but I feel his presence the most in witnessing and participating in the relationships and bonds that we are building. When I first arrived at the Houston Airport early Sunday morning, I noticed that no one really talked to anyone and just kept to themselves, but already you can see how Jesus brought everyone together. Whether it’s eating, working, or even riding on the bus, you can see how our common goals connect each of us together. It makes me happy to see the way that everyone is continually looking out for each other; when someone looks tired, or they’ve been working for a long time, others will remind them to take a break or go get water.

The same thing goes for the people of Costa Rica that are here with us. Their impact on me will be something I remember forever. Not only have they introduced us to the customs and culture of Costa Rica, but they also provide us with food, work, and shelter for the time that we are here. One thing that has really caught my attention is the way that they have taken us in and treated us like family. I am so thankful and blessed to be on this trip with these amazing people and look forward to what the rest of the week.

–       Alexis Edge

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