A Pleasure to Serve

Our mission group divided into two works groups in Costa Rica. After a
wonderful breakfast and morning prayer we began our day gathering and
packing up supplies. One group remained at the Diocesan House; the
other group worked at the Church of the Ascension .  The group at
Ascension were taught by church workers to rebar, using cement and
Mezcla. The rebar was used to create a wall in the back of the church
and was then cut into different sizes. The rebar was placed and then
bricks were cemented to connect them together.  Meanwhile at the
Diocesan House workers painted, power washed walkways and worked
planting flowers and clearing out weeds. My roommate and I found that
everything planted in Costa Rica flourishes because of the sun and
daily rain. Throughout Costa Rica we found tropical paradises and were
able to identify some of the very plants and flowers we saw at the
Diocesan House.

It was such a pleasure to serve our sisters and brothers from Costa
Rica.   More importantly,  it was a joy to continue to build
long-lasting relationships and together, continue the work of building
up the kingdom of God.  I believe all from the Cathedral would agree
that we received so much more than we gave to our brothers and
sisters.  A surprise visit from Bishop Monterossa and his wife added
to our excitement.  Also an unexpected treat for me was a visit at the
Diocesan House with an old friend, Bishop Julio Murray from Panama.

– Rev. Glenice Robinson-Como

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