Tears and Relief…

I have never been picked last for a team in a game until todays soccer game series at the school we visited, and I must say, I felt better once my team won from me scoring the winning goal. It was also a big benefit not having to really know Spanish in order to interact with children during a game which everyone knows the gist of it. Hogar Escuela Episcopal, in my eyes, is truly a gift from God for these children of single mothers who are working day to day to provide for their family. The lay out of this school was so beautiful and the staff and children that filled the halls seemed so happy to be together. According to our tour guide, Padre Orlando, a lot of professors, doctors and very professional people come from growing up with this episcopal education, which they are only trying to increase that amount by expanding the age all the way to twelve years. Once our short time expired pretending to be a young child again we loaded up the bus and headed to the labyrinth, with an unexpected arrival to the wrong location at first…

Finally arriving to the labyrinth and I personally did not know the purpose behind them until hearing Rev. Glenice teach us the history and purpose of such creations. I did not know what to expect as my turn to begin walking the path was approaching, in this time of quietness and unwinding, but believe me when I say, no sooner did I set foot in this path, I became overwhelmed with a tension that seemed to lead my thoughts to every problem and worry I left behind prior to this trip and those things distracting me at times throughout the work days.

There was a good amount of tears along this journey and I have never heard Gods voice louder than I did during that experience. Hearing sniffles around me led me to believe that I was not the only one God was touching in this time. I instantly felt like my mind and heart had been cleaned of all things negative and hope that I can trust God when I am at a dead-end. In fact, that is the uniqueness of these labyrinths compared to a maze for example, there is a distinct and clear path. Although it is Friday, and I am just now getting the good stuff out of this mission trip, everyday leading up has had a purpose and has given me memories I will never forget.

I didn’t realize how much I was taking the crisp, cool and low humidity air of where our home was until we stepped out of the bus where our hotel, El Faro, is locates on the coast. Felt as if I were back in Galveston again… yay frizzy hair! This place should be called however you say, “heart attack hill” in Spanish because I am only 20 years old and walking up to our room, I felt like an 80-year hold who just had a hip replacement and a fish out of water but as Miley Cyrus once said, “life’s a climb but the view is great.”

– Gabby Beebe

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