The Gospel According to Slugs.

Today was our last day of work in San Jose.

I saw Jesus today in slugs. At the end of the day today, after dinner, I looked over into the atrium that’s in the middle of the house and is connected to the outside through the open roof and I saw a slug. I got really excited about it. What a weird sight, a slug in an almost impossible place to get to without sliding up and over a large chunk of building, yet there it was.

Then a few minutes later while I was still looking in the glass box I saw 4 more slugs on the edge of the glass. Then I noticed even more in a nearby grassy-bush and even more on the other side of the glass box (this glass box is about 4’ by 4’ and goes all the way to the ceiling and opens up to the sky and it has plants and rocks on the bottom). In total I counted at least 23 slugs! I was completely amazed.

Now, this didn’t remind me of Jesus because I think Jesus was 23 slugs, but the pure happiness, amazement, and total confusion I felt at how on earth 23 slugs got into a glass box inside a building. It reminded me of how God brings happiness, amazement, and confusion. No one else seemed interested in the crazy number of slugs in this small place, or at least not as interested as me. I watched those slugs slowly slide on the windows and in their little grassy bush for way too long. I made sure everyone in the house knew about the 23 slugs in the box. People generally responded with confusion or a bit of curiosity but mainly they just didn’t care.

I still don’t understand how you could not be amazed by 23 slugs in an impossible place to reach. But, I felt drawn to the slugs, I had witnessed something crazy and the world had to know even if it didn’t care. I feel like everyone around me thought I was a little crazy, but that’s ok, it was a bit late and everyone was tired from a long day of work. I am thankful for the slugs and their reminder how God speaks to us in mysterious and oddly specific ways. I don’t think I will ever forget those 23 slugs and how happy they make me and how impossible they were, yet there were 23 slugs in a glass box in a house in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida

IMG_9884IMG_3615IMG_9865IMG_9450IMG_8036IMG_6056IMG_7190IMG_6096            -Merrell Goza

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