Cards, Crying, and Costa Rica

Hey everyone, I’m Gia Viggiano and attend Trinity Episcopal Church in Galveston. My group is working at Iglesias Ascension, a church being re-built by the Diocese of Costa Rica, and we’re mainly doing the ‘final touches’ before the ‘Final touches’.

Some things we did today at the worksite were sifting a lot of dirt, mixing concrete, moving supplies around, jammed out to some good country/Spanish/pop music and continued learning Spanish and teaching some English. I really enjoyed our lunch and daily three o’clock coffee break today, mainly because we got to bond with some of the workers by playing cards and working together. One worker, as we like to call him ‘Don Juan’, was sitting with us and was telling us (through Steven, our personal translation device) how he enjoys working with us and teaching us how to do things that could help us back in America. What stood out and was very special to me was when he used me as an example, saying how he likes to include the girls in on the tough jobs, like how he taught me to pour concrete out of the big, giant, scary blue thing into a wheel barrel without me breaking my hand and spilling concrete everywhere.  By hearing him say that, I definitely saw and encountered an act of Jesus through Don Juan and see an impact on my life and my fellow group members lives. We all also may or may not have teared up a bit (ok, we definitely did).

Being in Costa Rica has extremely impacted me in other ways, and some being the culture. I have expanded my Spanish vocabulary, eaten foods that I have never even heard of before, and seen and experienced things that I don’t see regularly in Galveston/America. I also feel like I have had at least some of an impact on the community. Some of the things that I have personally done that I feel are impactful are sanding the lectern for Ascension and helping teach Don Juan and a few other workers some English. By this morning, Don Juan was able to say ‘Hello’, ‘How are you’, ‘I am fine’, and a few others that are really impressive for only one day of learning your basic from American teens/adults.

Before I conclude this blog, I would like to mention that I am trying to include my friend who had to leave this morning due to an emergency by continuing her goofy vlogs that she had started the day we got here. Mainly, I am doing that because even though Jesus had a reason for her to leave, he had a reason for her to come as well, and that was to put her place in some people’s hearts and influence others for the time she was here. So, after the trip is over and my friends and I have finished her vlogs, I will piece them together, so she can see and hear all that we did and still feel like a part of the group.

By the end of this trip, I hope to have learned many, many, many new things about Costa Rica and expand my knowledge about Jesus and have a lasting impact on this community.

Peace out my doods,

Gia Viggiano


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