Our Sand-cond Day in Costa Rica

Today was our second day in Costa Rica but our first day of work. I had mainly worked on sanding the fence today, so that it may be painted later in the week. The reason we were sanding the fence was to make it smooth. This enables the paint to bond to the fence better and so that it doesn’t chip easily.

The only community interaction I had was with Costa Ricans who were walking along the sidewalk looking at us as we worked. I had to wear a mask and goggles, for safety reasons, which sometimes caused second glances. I also helped with the lawn in a myriad of ways to create a more beautiful environment for those who office at the diocese and other missioners who stay here. I was sure to put the ‘care’ in ‘lawncare’, too.

I would like to see the impact I had by sanding the fence, but I did not, though it was a job to be done, and I was glad I did it. My hope is that we will paint it before we leave this week along with accomplishing the other tasks given to us on this mission.

– James Picard


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