Can’t Rain on my Parade

This is our second day of work and our team at the Diocesan House started to find their grove. We had to make sure that we were flexible and that everyone got to try out the variety of jobs we are here to do.

One of the things I did was paint the gate as well as the patio, we even had a little fun dancing to Shakira while painting too. One of the things that I have learned here so far is to not take for granted what we do and don’t have back in the United States verses Costa Rica. I am constantly reminded to have a grateful heart. In Costa Rica during the Summer it rains almost every afternoon and it is considered the rainy season.  Today it rained, and I couldn’t complain because it was so nice and chilly.

I encountered Jesus today when Alli, the Cathedral Youth Intern, listened to me when I was feeling frustrated and tired. My approach to the day was to be as positive as possible. Realizing that my actions impact the community I strived to be as positive as possible throughout the day. I was encouraging and helpful to my fellow missioners and Tico’s (those who reside in Costa Rica) in all my actions.

I look forward to what the end results of our projects at the Diocesan House will look like Thursday Evening which is our last day of work. Beginning Friday, we will check out one of the schools before we heading to the beach for the weekend. I am also looking forward to conquering my fear of zip-lining on Saturday.

Pura Vida,


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