Pura Vida Y’all

Today we left for our Mission to Costa Rica. It also happened to be my first time on a plane. I knew it was going be a safe flight and getting complementary drinks helped the situation. Unfortunately, I did hit my head on the seat when we landed. But I am still excited about my second flight ever when we fly home. I felt Like Jesus was the airplane ensuring everyone made it to Costa Rica unscathed.

One way I feel like I am helping my fellow missioners in this beautiful land is by helping those who don’t speak Spanish in my group to talk to the community. Everyone in Costa Rica was welcoming to me and made me feel at home. I even get to watch the World Cup games while we are here. It really can’t get better than this!

This afternoon we went to a market and the store owners weren’t like typical American owners. They would insist you need something at their store to buy. The persistence was unusual and made me feel uneasy. But I would smile, look a little, and say no thank you.

I am grateful for this opportunity to come to Costa Rica, hang out with my friends, and look forward to learning many new things.

Pura Vida Y’all,

Matthew “Panda” Bermudez



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