A Time to Grow

Going to Costa Rica for a week was the best decision of my life. Even from my first year, back in 2015, it has been the highlight of my summer. From the moment we arrived, things were different than expected. For starters, students were still in school, so VBS became a bit challenging. With the work of Jeremy, Irene and Imelda, we managed to work with the school to allow us to teach a couple classrooms for a few days. We were able to teach lessons about love, self-control, peace and faithfulness.

The first day is always going to be the hardest, but as the week went by, we all managed to find a flow within our work. What surprised me the most was the fact that these kids were so knowledgeable when it came to our lessons. They answered every question asked, and were willing to explain. God’s power was shining through them as they spoke. By the end of the week, I was hearing them sing the songs we taught them by heart, and even sit down to show others what they had learned.

Construction was not as heavy as last year, but it still was not easy to do. We sanded down chairs and then repainted them, which is easier said than done! Not only that, but my group was put in this very small, compact office, where we soon found out about the internal problems within this area. There were termites, large spiders, and mold growing out of the walls and some of the furniture. I have the biggest fear of insects, even something as small and harmless as a ladybug! If it crawls or flies, I run away. But I refused to give up. I came here for a reason, and it was to help in whatever way I can. I put aside my fears, and worked twice as hard to clean and scrape the walls. This achievement was made through the power of Jesus. I decided to serve others in His name, and it’s something that I am determined to keep doing for the rest of my life.

From going out to eat or exploring the beautiful town of Limon, I felt a sense of comfort, I felt at home. I got to bond with my fellow missioners and learned so many things about them as we explored the city. I am now coming home with more friends that I now call my Tico family. This trip has truly changed me and has grown my Christian faith. I no longer feel afraid for others to know what I believe in and feel confident to show people what I believe in and why through my thoughts, words, and deeds. I am hopeful that these wonderful children are left with the message to always help others, to love fully, and respect each other; and that all of us on this trip were able to take home a memory that will last forever.

– Francy Bermudez


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