Plants and Food


This piece is about the beauty of the nature in Costa Rica. This is of one of the plants outside of where we are staying in Limon. I have not seen this plant anywhere else except in Costa Rica. The complexity of the flora around us is one of the places I see God on this trip. The unparalleled plant diversity of Costa Rica shows God’s creation in all of its glory. God’s ability to create such amazing life is another level of art I cannot comprehend. The pure perfection of His creations is beyond me.

Another place I see God is in the food and the people who make it. The amazing people who prepare our food without complaint or hesitation are a blessing. They fuel us everyday for our hard work and service. The work of repairing the church is difficult, but worth it in the end. The people we are working with help to push us through the day. Their support and kindness shows us the love of God. The food here is fresh and carefully made. The energy it gives us along with the community it brings together is as important as the mission work we are doing. Without food we would not be able to do God’s work in the church and in the community.

Lastly, my words seem to be short and repetitive so I bid you a good night…

– Merrell Goza


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