Happy Place

Dia Primero- We made it to Costa Rica!! As I discovered last year, the first day is always the most difficult, as routines and plans are still being formed as we go on through the day. Of course we started it off with the rice and beans, and then headed to the workplace.

As we entered, Jeremy told the group that this was the largest episcopal congregation in Costa Rica, which is kind of shocking considering that Christ Church Cathedral is so much larger. I think I feel God most in those places, where your (American) world is just turned upside down and new forms of beauty emerge.

Interacting with the children was fun in VBS even though acting like you understand every word that they are throwing at you in Spanish in super speed can be more taxing than the construction that we had to do.  The community and Costa Rican people blow me away because of their acceptance no matter of skin color, position, or language spoken, and I truly believe that this is a lesson that America needs to accept.

The construction today was brutal and the most difficult part of day 1, as sanding chairs for 2 and a half hours gets everyone tired and sand dusted. Everyone is exhausted from the plane ride, so we are all ready to nap by the time construction starts. Putting in work that benefits the community even when you really don’t feel like it is a good test of character.

I feel as if Costa Rica to me is kind of like a happy zone, as in America we don’t always realize there is much beauty around us, so Costa Rica is one of those places that gives you faith that planet Earth is going to be OK, and I feel as if not only tourists but the citizens here are fully aware of that.

Right now as I speak I am typing this blog while the mission gang is playing pool behind me, so I gotta go.

– Austin Orfield

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