Mystery Uncovered

This year, we are in San Marcos, Texas, for the disastrous floods that happened in 2015. My group travelled to Seguin, Texas, to help this older woman who is in the hospital from a heart condition. Our task was to clean up her yard. We moved multiple things from her front yard, garage, as well as her backyard. We cleaned up the yard, before moving toward the garage where we spotted a black-colored mold. The man in charge thought it could possibly be Black Mold, so he gave our leader, Chad, as well as a team member, Sean, a couple of suits to clean up the mold. The girls decided to move toward the backyard, where there were a ton of weeds. The girls decided to grab the rakes and rake away most of the weeds, before finding a large, white carousel horse. We found multiple snakes. We dragged the horse out of the backyard, where a silver pickup truck picked it up, with permission, and drove off. Chad and his group of guys were chopping down trees, before moving back to the garage, where we spotted two dead rats. Mary Kate, a teammate, disposed of both of them once a picture was taken.

– Brynne Albright


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