His Love Endures Forever

Goodbyes are never easy… that is just a fact. Yesterday, we were faced with the challenge of letting go of the children’s hands, driving passed the park full of memories for the last time, and turing off the tiny street that is also known as the town of Estrada.

As simple as that, our work was complete.

The uncertainties filled our minds as they wandered to places of distress… What will the children go home to tonight? What will they do tomorrow now that VBS has come to an end? Who will remind them of the everlasting love God radiates for them? However, it is not our job to allow our minds to be filled with these unending and unanswered questions. Our job was to love the children for a week, and more importantly teach them the greatest message they will ever hear, “His love endures forever”.

Loud and proud, I am honored to tell you… WE DID IT!

In celebration we took a trip to the beach for a day of relaxation and fun before heading home. I believe we deserve to celebrate all the hard work we have put in to this week. Between the unending hours of construction and the struggles of a language barrier, we are all exhausted. Mission work is not easy (that would be my second fact of the night). Thursdays, simply put they are tough on trips like this one. The exhaustion has set in and frustrations are easily brought to the service. However, with perseverance and the positive attitude that shined through members of our group, we strolled through Thursday like a walk in the park. In the group, everyone is important, and together we spread the word of God by spoken words and genuine acts of service.

On our way to Puerto Viejo, we took a brief turn off the road in Limón to visit the largest Episcopal Church in Costa Rica, St. Marks. It was beautiful and allowed us to continue in our building of relationships with the Diocese of Costa Rica.

And for the fun.

Today was a blast as we adventured deep into the Costa Rican rainforest. Monkeys, snakes, sloths, spiders… you name it, we saw it. We took boats up the coasts and embarked on a wet, yet exciting hike. To me, there is nothing more relaxing and exciting than to be surrounded by God’s creatures big and small. The beauty that swallowed us into the rainforest was one I will never forget, because that is where I see God the most in my life. In the artwork He has created.

Returning to Banana Azul Hotel, we headed to the beach. Being able to act like a kid, boogie board like a kid, and play in the sand like a kid, I was reminded of my childhood days. There was no better way to wind down from a week of work than to let go of all your worries and return to your happy place. Today, I was reminded of mine in the presence of our Lord and Savior.

– Haley Wilson

Psalm 136

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the Lord of lords: His love endures forever.
to him who alone does great wonders, His love endures forever.
who by his understanding made the heavens, His love endures forever.
who spread out the earth upon the waters, His love endures forever.
who made the great lights— His love endures forever.
the sun to govern the day, His love endures forever.
the moon and stars to govern the night; His love endures forever.
to him who struck down the firstborn of Egypt His love endures forever.
and brought Israel out from among them His love endures forever.
with a mighty hand and outstretched arm; His love endures forever.
to him who divided the Red Sea asunder His love endures forever.
and brought Israel through the midst of it, His love endures forever.
but swept Pharaoh and his army into the Red Sea; His love endures forever.
to him who led his people through the wilderness; His love endures forever.
to him who struck down great kings, His love endures forever.
and killed mighty kings—His love endures forever.
Sihon king of the Amorites His love endures forever.
and Og king of Bashan—His love endures forever.
and gave their land as an inheritance, His love endures forever.
an inheritance to his servant Israel. His love endures forever.
He remembered us in our low estate His love endures forever.
and freed us from our enemies. His love endures forever.
He gives food to every creature. His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.



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