The Hidden Wonder

Estrada is truly a hidden wonder. As we drove down the main road, the entire town was secluded by the miles and miles of tall plantain plants that mask the horizon.

One left on a small road led us to the school. When we entered the school, the kids welcomed us with “hola” and then very fast sentences that are ahead of my IB program Spanish 2 class’ capabilities to teach.

As I watched these kids compete in the Winter Olympics (that was our VBS theme for today), I could see the joy of God and Jesus inside of them. They worked hard to score the ball in the goal while riding these “body scooters”, and when they won would have some joking words with their defeated opponent. Just like Jesus, these kids always find a way to help one another in different situations. Today, one of the boys skipped the girl in line to play, and all the other boys instantly told the kid to back off and let the young girl have her turn.

Today, we made a physical impact on the community by making a sidewalk so the school can remain open due to government regulations. I feel good giving to a community that needs so much help.

While the construction made a physical impression on the school, the VBS program has made more of an impact on me. These kids in Costa Rica have taught me how to be positive in any situation. With no shoes, low income and a life without the “comforts” that we are used to, it has really taken me back that these kids find such enjoyment with such a simplistic life in way they live, no matter what their situation is.

– Austin Orfield

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