Today was my third day here in Costa Rica and my second full day of work. It has been amazing so far and the views and nature are awesome too! Today I got more into the routine of the work schedule and started my morning with VBS. The language barrier can be a bit of a challenge, but today some young girls at VBS realized I couldn’t speak much Spanish and helped by teaching me what some of the objects around me were. This helped communicating with them much simpler. We aren’t the only ones teaching them, they are also teaching us. The immense joy they show is a true statement of Jesus’ presence. They live their lives with so much less than I have and even the simplest of things put the biggest smiles on their faces. Things such as me asking them a question or being able to paint for the craft. It is so amazing to see the smiles on their faces. Also, the ladies that work behind the scenes and cook us awesome lunches for hours straight. They are so hardworking and they do it without complaining even though it takes a huge chunk of time out of their day. The meals they make are amazing too.

In the afternoon, I switched to working on construction. It was hot and we were very sweaty by the end of it, but we got a whole lot of work done. I continued digging a trench for a septic tank pipe that must be shovel deep and pretty wide. It is a lot of hard work shoveling dirt. I feel as though it’s in the tough times when God really steps in and reminds me that he has given me and everyone else the strength to continue in our work. I also got to help carry cement to help build a sidewalk from the school to the road. We would haul buckets of newly mixed cement to the workers for them to pour. The workers, who work from the time we get there to the time we leave, are also amazing. They work all day in the hot sun and I know that our group has really been a big help. We have been able to help do a couple days of work for them in just one day of work. ¬†Jesus is really reflected in all the hardworking attitude of the people here. It has been amazing to work with both the joyous children and the hardworking construction workers. My couple days in Costa Rica have already been beyond amazing and I can’t wait to continue working this week and see what God has in store for us.

– Georgia Letchford


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