Learning something new…

Today was our second day on the trip and our first work day. My favorite part was definitely being a part of Vacation Bible School. My work with the kids impacted me because I found myself relating to them and became open to different ideas and beliefs, regardless of our background and culture. I learned today that it’s extremely important to look out for others. During VBS, I took a moment to look around and really took in my surroundings. I looked at the children, who looked so curious and were genuinely happy to see new people. Seeing our leaders struggle with the language barrier, but laugh and smile at the wonderful children who wanted to play. These kids minds are filled with sets of ideas I can’t fathom, but I love it. Being a teenager in high school, I tend to find it difficult at times to accept people with much different ideas than me. But looking at all of these kids who were just so happy and filled with joy, made me feel a sense of change in my perspective. Taking  a look at these children made me see Jesus in a new and different way. I even made a new little friend, whom I bonded with during all of the games. Her mother took a photo of us to keep as a memory of me enjoying and teaching her daughter new games and activities, that will last her a lifetime. I honestly have never felt more at home than being at Estrada with the kids. I look forward to another day of fun with the kids, and can’t wait to see what I learn from them. Because it doesn’t matter how old someone is, you learn something new every day!

-Francy Bermudez


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